About Us

Part of the River St. family since the 1970's.

True Grits is part of a small series of businesses owned and operated in Savannah since the early 1970's.

Named in honor of the popular John Wayne movie "True Grit", True Grits itself was founded in 1996. It is located at 107 E River St and for the past few decades has aimed to be the go-to shopping destination for your trip to the beautiful Savannah, GA.

Initially it started out as a heavily nautical-based store. As a shipwright, the founding member found a deep passion and love for all things nautical. Still maintaining a focus on these items, the selection has evolved quite drastically throughout the years; constantly reflecting the interests of the times.

One thing however remains true, and that is our main purpose has always been to spread laughter and joy to our customers.

Whether it's a funny t-shirt, cute mug, or a small pirate ship figurine...

We are here to help you cherish and remember your time while down on the historic River Street.

A Brief Look at Our Timeline

Grand Opening - 1996

At just a fraction of the size it is today; True Grits opened its doors in 1996. A small shop with an at-home feel, we had no idea what the next few decades would have in store for us.


True Grits originally started off small and carried a wide assortment of pop culture items, along with film and batteries for your disposable cameras.

2010's-Early 2020's

Very quickly our store expanded and so did our product selection. Our goal however always remained true; to make sure all our visitors walked out with something that made them laugh, smile, and/or will help them cherish and remember their time in the beautiful Savannah, GA.